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15 Mar 2017

Thank you RHme2 players!

Congratulations to the all the RHme2 players, we reached the end of the game! In the last four months we followed with great interest the battle on the scoreboard and outside. We received many messages on twitter and irc channel (#rhme) and we are touched by the enthusiasm and interest you showed in the game. Thank you!

We created Rhme as the learning platform for Embedded System Security. To help the community learn, we are releasing the challenges on our github account and a special section dedicated to learning is added to the Rhme website, where we will link all the write-ups we received.

No competition is complete without prizes and although we did not announce anything so far, we would like to reward the players who put their time and effort in the game. The prizes are as follows:

1. “Kings of the RHme2 Scoreboard”: for each of the first 5 players on the scoreboard we offer one seat in one of the courses in the Embedded System Security - foundation series, please see below.

You are free to choose which course you would like to join in 2017. More information to follow individually via email.

2. “Best write-up!” For learning purposes, write-ups are essential so one free seat in our open training courses goes to the "best write-up". You, the rhme community, will decide the winner for the "best write-up". We ask you to send us links to write-ups via rhme at riscure.com until Pi day (2017-03-14). All write-ups will be linked to the Rhme website in the learning section. On Pi day, the voting for "best write-up" will be open for one week. The write-up with most votes, wins!

03 Mar 2017

Hello RHme world

“I have some good news and some less good news. Which ones do you want to hear first?”. Three months back, when thinking about this first post this is not the beginning we had in mind. Three months back, we planned to have all the boards shipped at least two weeks before November 1st.

Today, one day after the deadline we have 270 boards ready to be shipped. The other 230 are still to arrive. While we ordered them a while back, it will take another week for them to arrive. We did not anticipate that it will be difficult to find providers with a large number of Arduino nano's in stock. And we did not anticipate that while they will ship for free, the shipment will be so painfully slow.

Many of you are asking us when your board is expected to arrive. We decided to ship in the order of the registration. If you registered before October, and you live in Europe most likely you will receive the package early next week. For shipments to other continents, you should add a few days to that. We hope that all packages will be delivered to you by end of November 2016.

Three months before the deadline, we were planning to create 12 challenges, three per category: reverse engineering, exploitation and SCA/FI. But it was so much fun to make that it was hard to stop.

Today, one day after the deadline we have 22 challenges ready. We almost had 23, but we put a stop to that to focus on more mundane (but equally important!!!) tasks such as... hmm... testing the challenges.

Fear not, there will be plenty of time for you to solve these challenges. Because of the delay in the delivery and the increased number of challenges we plan to extend the deadline until the end of February 2017.

Your kind words and enthusiasm for playing a hardware CTF is heart warming. We put a lot of effort in creating these challenges and your positive thoughts gave us the energy for it. Thank you and we hope you will enjoy the game!

The RHme team

02 Nov 2016

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