Welcome to the first embedded hardware CTF, round two

About RHme 2

The second round is here!

RHme2 (Riscure Hack me 2) is the 2nd edition of our low level hardware CTF challenge that comes in the form of an Arduino Nano board. RHme is the 1st edition which took place between November 2015 and January 2016. RHme had two winners - Team R@bbit and the Cisco STARE Team. The source code and the writeups for RHme are available on our Github page.

For this new edition of the challenge we have prepared a completely different set of new challenges of progressive difficulty:

- Reverse engineering: It is an AVR! different instructions, different opcodes, different tools.
- SW Exploitation: Do you think you are good exploiting X86/ARM? Try with a Harvard architecture!
- Cryptoanalisis: Ybzxrpb tb xii exsb pljbqefkd ql efab.
- Side channel analysis: It is time to duSt off thE ChipwhispeREr and The oscilloscope!
- Fault injection: You have to prove yoœ‡sfi�You have to pro�eE?� ?F}You have to prov�&%[蒹
- Other: cat /dev/urandom > /home/rhme2/challenges

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